Self-Publishing, Indie Publishing… There’s an awful lot of it about.  You can spend all day every day reading self-published author blogs, visiting self-publishing websites, downloading free guides, buying How To books, or watching interviews and webinars by gurus such as Joanna Penn, Ben Galley or Joel Friedlander.  And that’s before you get round to reading the books all these self-published authors are trying to promote.  I wonder how they ever find the time…

And yet I’m about to join this massive, global movement.  What’s slightly unusual here is that I’m not publishing one of my own books, I’m publishing somebody else’s, so strictly speaking I’m not self-publishing, I’m indie-publishing.  It feels more comfortable, to be honest.  One thinks of the Hitchcock movie ‘Strangers on a Train’ – two writers randomly meet and agree to publish each other’s novel on Amazon.

Strangers on a Train

“I’ll publish yours if you publish mine…”

Only my novelist is a dear friend I met at a Writing Group over thirty years ago.  Her name is Wendy Cartwright and her novel is called TO YOU THE STARS… .  I’ve been lucky enough to have had several books published myself, but I’ve never self-published before so I’m not exactly an expert.  Why, you might ask, is Wendy Cartwright trusting me with her precious novel?  Well, hopefully she’ll be starting her own author blog soon so you might find out.

I’ve got masses to learn and I’m keen to share the process with you.  The aim is to be completely transparent, so when I make mistakes you’ll know about them.  Hopefully, there will be some breakthroughs too.   I’m going to be highlighting helpful blogs and websites that I discover along the way.  I’d love you to get involved, send me tips, tell me about your self-publishing experiences, share online resources, and ultimately of course I’d love you to take a small, inexpensive punt on TO YOU THE STARS… and see what all the fuss is about.

But that’s not for now.  That’s for much further on down the line.  Because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from all my recent research, there’s no need to rush.  Just think, if Wendy Cartwright had just signed a book deal with a traditional publisher, she’d probably be waiting about a year to see TO YOU THE STARS… on the shelves.  I’m hoping it won’t take as long as that or we’re all going to get rather bored.  I’m thinking a few months. But who knows? There’s ever such a lot to do…

Now, I am not a scientist.  I only took Biology O’ level and it was my worst result. But I’m going to try and take a vaguely scientific approach to this process.  I have vague memories of writing up school lab experiments under the headings, Preparation, Method and Result, so that’s how I’m going to blog. Starting with Preparation. Obviously.   So please, get your lab coat on and join me in THE INDIE PUBLISHING EXPERIMENT.

Next Blog:  Preparation #1 WHY SELF-PUBLISH?



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