A novel for young adults and not-so-young adults.  Ranked by Bookbag amongst the Top Ten Love Stories for Teenagers


“A beautiful, beautiful story . . . The writing is sophisticated and elegant. I was completely absorbed from the first page to the very last. I heartily recommend that you read this book.” (Jill Murphy The Bookbag)

“Accomplished and distinctive” (Books for Keeps)

“Poignant, intelligent and gripping” (

Pentonwarra 002

Ellen and Jack are twins, evacuated from East London to Cornwall at the start of the Second World War. They are taken in by the Rosewarnes, a wealthy, highly-educated couple and find themselves living in Spindrift, an extraordinary slate house overlooking the savage northern coast. Ellen relishes this opportunity to better herself, but Jack finds his new life stifling and seeks freedom in the arms of Selina Penaluna, a fisherman’s daughter whose wild beauty turns every man’s head. As the war takes a heavy toll on the family, Ellen is left alone, consumed with jealousy and hatred of the siren that stole her brother’s heart.

Now an elderly widow, Ellen has decided to sell Spindrift and leave her beloved Cornwall forever. But she cannot lay the bitter memories to rest. What is more, she discovers that someone has been keeping secrets from her. The tragic tale of Selina Penaluna isn’t over yet…

Published by Random House Children’s Books Totally Random Books . Available in paperback and Kindle via Amazon



Liam tries to stay away from home as much as he can – especially if his dad’s around.  Usually he just hangs out with his mates, skating.  But today, Liam’s had an idea: to form a band, with him on drums.

All he needs is a kit, so Liam heads for the local junk shop.  But the owner, Weird Welly, freaks him out, hinting that something terrible is about to happen.  Something to do with the band.

Then the really weird stuff begins…


Drummer is an clever insight into a young teenage boys life and his love for music. Full of twists everywhere it is thoroughly enjoyable and never boring and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who loves to read. From the beginning to the end it is surprising, one of those books you just can’t put down. A must have.”  A. Grizzelle, reviewing Drummer on Amazon.

“I really like the author’s writing style and point of view because it is easy to understand and it keeps me entertained throughout the book. I would recommend this book to someone because I think many people can have connections with some parts of the book and because it is very interesting.”  Shant Zatourian, reviewing Rewind on Goodreads

“Drummer” is published in the UK by Walker Books and available via Amazon

“Rewind” is published in the USA by Walker and Co. and available via Amazon




When the Witch’s cat runs off to be a cat-food tester, she has to find a replacement in time for the Grand Spell Contest.  But the only applicant for the job is a Dog…

“Witty, funny and touching . . . Super storytelling” (The School Librarian)

“The appealing humourous drawings on every page will make this an instant favourite” (Carousel)

“Perfect for that potentially tricky new reader stage and especially for those who revel in otherness” (Books for Keeps)

“Thoroughly entertaining, with amusing illustrations and a subtle underlying message about discrimination” (100 Best Books, 1998, Young Book Trust)

Published by Corgi Pups, available in paperback and on Kindle via Amazon.


The clever Witch’s Dog from Dog on a Broomstick returns for another hilarious and magical adventure.

“Pacey enough to hold interest, appealing characters that are easily identified as goodies or baddies, and a great story that simply holds the attention from beginning to end and is packed with the kind of playground humour that really appeals to young readers, Dognapped will make a great addition to the bookshelves of any child who is just starting to read real books, but is also a joy for a parent to read aloud at bedtime. Age 5-7.” Susan Harrison reviewing on Amazon.

Published by Corgi Pups and available in paperback via Amazon


Lucy is always losing things.  She knows her things can’t just vanish into thin air.  Then she finds a strange little monster under her bed.  He’s taken all Lucy’s things and he won’t give them back.  Until she finds out that he might just swap them for… CHOCOLATE!

“Stunning. bought as Xmas present for my 5 yo. She loved it, read it really quickly and woke me up in the morning to say she wanted more corgi pups.”  5-star review from Amazon Reviewer ToP C4T

Published by Corgi Pups and available in paperback via Amazon


Every morning, before school, Bill dresses in baggy trousers, a silly blue wig and a red plastic nose as… the Great Bilbo!  But clowns belong in the Big Top, not in the classroom, and everyone is getting really fed up with Bill’s clowning.  Then Mum takes Bill to a real circus and the Great Bilbo discovers that being funny is a serious business…

Published by Corgi Pups and available on Kindle via Amazon.




Nel is a laid-back, unconventional fourteen-year-old hippy, living with her mum in Cornwall.  she loves juggling and swimming in the sea, and she longs for an exciting, mysterious romance.

Eleanor is a quiet, ordinary fourteen-year-old girl who lives with her dad in the Midlands. She likes gossiping with her best friend and watching soap operas, and she fancies a boy at school.

The two girls don’t have much in common – except they’re the same person!

“This tale of a teenage girl, torn between her feuding parents, is a gripping rollercoaster of a read. Author Jan Page captures perfectly the anxieties and absurdities of teen angst. The climax, which takes our heroine on a genuine adventure, is an inspired twist – I’m not willing to spoil the surprise; you’ll have to pick up a copy yourself. Written in the present tense, the story has a compelling, conversational tone that is at once beguiling but never distracting. Beautifully constructed and frought with peril, this is a story that teenagers will relate to and fill adults with nostalgia for the romance, wonderment and emotional complexity of our adolescence.” G. Brock, reviewing on Amazon.

Published by Corgi and available in paperback via Amazon.

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